Grazers Restaurant brings Cleveland, NC, the best of farm-to-table dining with a menu that features the best of what our local farmers have to offer. We are bringing farm fresh ingredients to you literally from the farm to the table — sourcing local meats and vegetables from farmers in our area. Our menu features dishes that are entirely homemade from ingredients that are locally-sourced and extremely fresh and flavorful, which means you’ll likely have traveled farther than your food did! We look forward to welcoming you by to experience our take on farm-to-table fare.

We get carrots from Coldwater Creek Farms. We love their carrots because they aren’t the standard orange, they’re actually yellow. Yellow carrots are just as healthy as orange carrots and they’re also high in xanthophylls and lutein which are both linked to cancer prevention and better eye health.
Donna, Brad, and Taylor are well researched in produce that are not only healthy, but also better for our soil profile here in North Carolina, and they work hard to produce quality vegetables that won’t exhaust our soil.